Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I wake this morning early and push the button on my mom's coffee maker. I slept fitfully, on her back porch that looks out over a beautiful bay somewhere in North Miami. Sailboats of varying sizes rest anchored on the water. Last night an owl came to visit, which is a strange occurrence since it's Miami beach, for Christ's sake, and there are no woods really.

A few palms line the well manicured sidewalk along the water of this retirement community. But as I sat here and listened to him "who-who-whooo" in the darkness, I finally saw his silhouette perched on the top corner of the adjacent building. He was perched there, calling out over the water. I was reminded of the barred owl Michael & I often hear in the back yard of our neighborhood at home.

It is my understanding that the Native Americans believe that everything is a mirror and therefore can teach us something. Owl has night vision; the ability to see through the darkness. I am visiting my 81 year old mother who has cancer. Facing death... you don't get much darker than that.

Today we'll do a ritual around releasing resentments long carried. We will burn the list of grievances and empty the ashes into the water. Then we will smudge with sage and fill the opening left from the release with affirmations of love, acceptance and healing. It is a good day.

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