Monday, November 7, 2011

My Senior Moment

I rounded the corner outside the pool. There are several of them here in this 55 and older community. Pools, I mean. Three white haired women in one-piece swim suits, sat in lounge chairs, chatting by the pool. “Oh, isn’t that cool” I thought, “the seniors out by the pool having their girl-friend time”. In my mind, I pictured myself as the young daughter come to visit her mother, out taking a walk at her mother’s retirement community. A gust of wind blew my white hair across my eyes. I laughed out loud because it hit me. My hair is white too. I am them. They are me. And at 54, I’ve lived long enough to know the immeasurable value of talking with women friends in a relaxed setting on an easy afternoon. Something I did not know in my twenties. With that quick and humorous shift in my perspective, I continued my walk... my senior walk.

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