Thursday, October 6, 2011

Creative Mornings

What's the first thought you think, or the first thing you say to yourself, when the alarm goes off in the morning? It has been brought to my attention that many of us, myself included, may have the thought, "I have to get up". Perhaps it's something like, "Oh shit. I don't want to go to work" or "Ugh! I'm so tired!". The words "have to" in our vocabulary put pressure on us. They create feelings of resistance and even dread. Have you ever noticed those words in your daily vocabulary associated with procrastination? I have... And the feelings that go with it are feelings of resistance and dread.

Lately, I have begun the practice of waking with thoughts of gratitude. When my alarm goes off, I snuggle into bed, feel my husband spoon with me lovingly, and say to myself, "Thank you bed, for giving me such a good night's sleep". I noticed while in the shower, I think thoughts about what I need to do that day and begin problem solving. I noticed it creates a low level of anxiety and stress for me. My new practice is to think about and focus on how good the shower feels, how thankful I am for whoever invented showers and indoor plumbing. My new affirmation for showering is, "I am showered with miracles all day long!" What that brings to mind for me are all the times something turns out in a surprisingly positive way that I hadn't even seen a s possible. The totality of possibilities lies before me. What a feel-good way to begin the day.

My sister, Gay, who is also an elementary art teacher, told me of the practice of beginning every class with 1-2 minutes of silent, peaceful breathing with the students. That is something I am beginning as well. I will keep you all posted on what kinds of shifts these new practices create in my life.

Also, I am still ruminating about the "Good Mother" thing I had put out. I have received a great many responses to what characteristics a good mother has. I want to write about that as well. For now, I am sitting with it.

To all of you readers for today: "Today is a fantastic day. Any problem is easily solved with wisdom and grace. Miracles happen at every turn."

Stay tuned.

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