Friday, September 23, 2011

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson. A celebrity. Don't really know much about her. She can sing. Beautiful voice. So yesterday afternoon I saw her perform on the Ellen show. She was wearing a beautifully designed spandex dress. I hesitate to use the word spandex because it conjures up tacky hooker images for most people, and that is definitely NOT the look Kelly Clarkson had. There are those who would look at her and call her fat. Fat. That word... It's usually used in a negative context. Which made me ponder, is it ever used as a positive? I then thought of the word "phat". It sounds the same and is used as a positive descriptor. Interesting.

So anyway, I was watching her, her body language, how she projects, how at ease she seemed in her body... so confident. Small breasts. Wide, full, curving hips. Far wider than is allowed in our culture. A feminine, round belly curving just beneath her naval. A slight pooch at the top of her thighs when she turned in a certain direction. Her arms and her skin had that wonderful, creamy, soft, non-sculpted look. All the things our broader, white culture hates. All the things our broader white culture seeks to eliminate.

I sat there looking at her and I saw just how beautiful she was/is. And for me, much of her beauty emanated from her confidence. I mean, here she is a big celebrity... on stage... on Ellen, for Christ's sake! I mean how many viewers does she have?? And did Kelly Clarkson choose a dress that carefully and creatively camouflaged her "fat"? No, she did not. In fact, what was most beautiful to me was that she chose a dress that accented all those features. It was like, "F** YOU, larger white culture that hates women! This is me! This is who and how I am, and I choose to stand in the beauty of who and how I am!"

WOW. In my opinion, Kelly Clarkson clanks when she walks. Big, brass balls.

As I watched her I thought, I wouldn't have the nerve. I would be so worried about how I looked, and how fat television makes a woman look, and how all the magazines would say ugly things about my body, and on and on my brain would assault me. So, GOOD FOR YOU, KELLY! You are a wonderful, beautiful, and rare role model for the rest of us real women out here! There it is, Ladies! BE WHO AND HOW YOU ARE, WITH YOU HEAD HELD HIGH AND A PROUD, GENUINE SMILE ON YOUR FACE!

Thank you, Kelly Clarkson!

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