Monday, September 12, 2011

I've been giving myself the pleasure of walking. I say it that way because I've noticed something about my walks. I've noticed that often I shower before I walk. Which at first I thought was strange, because most people shower after they 'work out'. But that's just it. I realized my walks are for pleasure. For 14 years (in the 90's), I was a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I was a fitness freak. Used to be a walk was for burning calories, fat, etc. Any kind of exercise had a fitness purpose and I was strict about it. Then I realized for a while that walking for me, although not about burning calories anymore, was about "being productive". If I was going for a walk then I had to walk the dogs. If I wasn't walking the dogs, then I had to take my cell phone and return calls while walking. Not anymore. Today, I walk for pleasure. Today, my walk is for me. No dogs. No cell phone. Just me and my quiet time. And another thing... I don't walk. I stroll. Leisurely and gloriously, enjoying the air and the smells. The other day I even walked in the rain. It was a soft rain, and the newly wet asphalt had that hot summer then freshly rained on smell. I wore a ball cap so my glasses were dry, and I strolled in the rain. When I returned home, my husband asked, "So how was your walk?". "I really enjoyed it!", I replied. I was a little surprised, to be honest. But I did enjoy it. Nowadays I take a leisurely stroll just for me, because it feels good.

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