Thursday, September 15, 2011


Her words were the dawn that clears the fog in my mind. I knew then what I needed to do...

For most women, fear of success is really fear of added responsibility.

With success comes new responsibility, and if I am not skilled at setting boundaries around my personal time and energy, then that added responsibility brings more stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. Most women are very frugal when giving time and energy to themselves, but give freely and abundantly to others.

Because of my own personal childhood wounding, I fear taking up too much space, time, etc. I carry an inner message that says I'm an intrusion. Years ago, a friend pointed out to me just how often I apologized. In those days I was apologizing for my very existence.
In circle I've seen women do the dance of, "You go ahead."  "Oh no, that's okay, you go. I'll wait." Back and forth they dance, afraid to take up time and space.

So here it is; when a woman is willing to take up time and space, to set healthy boundaries around her own personal time, her wise self sees it. When her wise self sees this and knows that she has learned how to set these boundaries for herself, then she will attract all the success she can handle. The key being, "all she can handle".

This is the boundary setting I am working. I realized I was not having the kind of success I wanted with a dream/vision of mine. As I looked within, I saw that I do not set the boundaries for myself that I need to. One of the results is that I don't allow myself to be vulnerable in the ways that I would like, in the areas that I would like. It is a protective response. As I learn how to gain balance in this area, I can let go of the fear of being vulnerable because my wise self will trust that I know how to, and will, take care of myself and nurture myself in the ways I need.

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Congratulations!!!!!! Great posts! It takes a while to figure out the fonts and stuff. I just messed around with them for the time I had and then let it go. Have you said anything on your Facebook page about your blog? If not you should do so.

Love, Linda G.