Friday, September 16, 2011


It's late. I'm sleepy. And, I want to post something before I thank my comfortable bed and crawl in between the sheets for the night. Tonight I am grateful. I am very aware of how abundantly full of friends my life is. Not just acquaintances, but I have a great many of those as well. No, I'm talking about true friends. People who really show up in my life. People who love and support me, and genuinely care about my well-being. I am extremely rich in that area. For this, I am exceedingly grateful. My life is full of joy because of these friends. Tonight I spent time with some of them. They showed up for Michael and I in a positive and supportive way. It's a good feeling when that happens... a really good feeling. So now I sleepily lay my grateful and smiling body down for the night, well aware of just how rich I truly am. Aaahhhhhhhhh..... Sweet dreams.

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